5 Essentials to Building a Virtual Law Firm that Fits Your Lifestyle

You’ll Learn:

An alternative model to the traditional practice of law

How to bridge the gap in income when you're getting started

How I make a full-time salary while working part-time hours

Hi! I’m Kailey Jacomet

I’m confident that you can create a law practice that fits around the other priorities, obligations, and desires in your life because I did it myself. 

I always wanted to be a lawyer, but after several years of practicing, I realized that staying in my position would prohibit me from experiencing motherhood the way I wanted to. 

When my daughter was born, I left my job and embarked on a journey to create a new type of practice model—one that put my life and family first. 

I created The Lawstyle Method as a roadmap to teach lawyers like you how to choose a flexible practice area, utilize software for your backend operations, implement systems of automation, market your legal services online, and develop a remote team, so your work can support your lifestyle, not dominate it.