Lawyer On Your Own Terms.

Free 3-Day Training: March 15th - 17th

Join me as we create a new vision of what your legal career can look like - one that is created by your design and built around your most important priorities in life. 

In this free 3-day training, you will:

Rethink what's possible within the practice of law

Uncover what you truly want from your legal career and personal life

Discover the practice model that allows you to work part-time hours while earning a full-time income

Learn the 3 pillars to planning your law career around the rest of your life (rather than the other way around!)

Develop a plan to begin lawyering on your own terms

30-minute private group coaching session after each training.


Are you ready to shake off those golden handcuffs and design a law practice that allows you to-

The first step is realizing that you hold the key.

Put your family first

Set your own schedule

Have the flexibility to travel

Take control of how you spend each day, week, and month of your life?

“I wanted to be a lawyer and the primary caretaker of my baby. I also wanted to travel. I was tired of having my life consumed by a career that often felt like it was taking more from me than it was providing for me. I knew there had to be a better way. So, I embarked on a journey of creating a different kind of law firm. Within 6 months, I had more than replaced my full-time salary, while working half the hours. Now, I’m helping to free fellow lawyers from their golden handcuffs and teach them how to create a work life they love—one that supports and fits around their lifestyle, not one that dominates it.”

-Kailey Jacomet, Creator of Lawstyle

Kind Words

" After years as in-house counsel, climbing the corporate ladder, and fighting nasty corporate politics in a big corporation, I had my first child. Instantly, I realized that if I wanted to be more present with her and be the parent I really want to be, I needed to have greater flexibility and peace. While I still wanted to pursue my passion of practicing law, I knew I had to approach my career differently - in a manner that allows for greater freedom and less stress. That’s when I found The Lawstyle Method. The roadmap provided in the course not only gave me the confidence that this was possible, but also all the necessary tools to make my vision a reality. What is more, Kailey is an amazing teacher, role model, and mentor. Her support throughout the process has been invaluable. No guesswork, no fluff, just a practical system that works. Now, thanks to Kailey and The Lawstyle Method, I don't need to choose between my family and my professional aspirations. I found a way to have both and I can honestly say that I'm never looking back! Thank you! "

- Dominika Fasolo

" Kailey proved to me that being a successful attorney does not have to involve 50-hour work-weeks with long commutes. LawStyle taught me that I did not have to choose between a career and my family. I now work fewer hours from home, make almost twice as much money, and spend more time with my family. I'm beyond grateful that I found Kailey and LawStyle, which made my lifestyle and career/family balance possible" 

- Annette Choti