The way we practiced law drastically shifted during the height of the pandemic. Meetings went virtual, and you may have found yourself chatting with clients while sporting your favorite yoga pants (unbeknownst to them, of course!) E-signatures became the norm, and you harnessed the power of organizing files digitally.  And while you didn’t go to […]

January 26, 2022

What If You Kept Zoom But Ditched Your Boss?

To many, the solopreneur life is risky. Some believe it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and others believe it’s only reserved for those born rich.  As you may well know by now, I don’t believe either of those things. In fact, I know very differently now. I know that the entrepreneurial life that comes […]

September 14, 2021

How Your Solo Law Firm Will Give You The Freedom You’ve Always Dreamt Of

The glamour of operating within a 9-5 typical corporate job is that you’re stepping into the “known”. You know where your paycheck is coming from, you know where you’ll be working from, you get hired on with a list of things you’re already expected to know (and likely have already spent a lot of time […]

September 7, 2021

Don’t Get Stuck in Learning Mode

The beginning stages of running your online law firm may seem like an uneasy field to navigate but once you get into the swing of things, it’s *almost* like a walk in the park.  I said, almost!  I give this disclaimer because when it comes to being an entrepreneur, your entire business will ride on […]

August 31, 2021

Developing Strategic Relationships to Market Your Legal Services

Working a typical 9-5 corporate job for the majority of your career and then making the fist-pumping courageous move of starting your own business can be disorienting in the beginning.  You no longer have to begrudgingly wake up at 6am in the morning to down some coffee and run out the door. There’s no more […]

August 24, 2021

How To Time Batch (and Other Tips To Help You Find Work-Life Balance)

Remember the dread of having to spend your entire day inside your office? Watching the hours tick away while wearing the uptight suit that you couldn’t wait to rip off? Remember having set lunch breaks? Or maybe staying way after the sun had already set just wishing you were home snuggling with your little ones?  […]

July 27, 2021

Running Your Firm On The Go

The idea of entrepreneurship isn’t something new. The idea of being a small business owner isn’t either and yet…it’s consistently the road less traveled.  Even though people continue to highlight unfair wages and ridiculous downtime to spend with our families. Even though there’s the constant frustration of not having the freedom we crave or being […]

July 19, 2021

Overcoming Your Fear of Launching Your Lifestyle Law Firm

One of the main reasons I see my clients question the entrepreneur lifestyle is because they’re worried about how much they have to spend on their business. But like with oh-so many things in life, it’s all about perspective!  As an employee, you weren’t responsible for your employer’s business expenses but you were  paying for […]

July 13, 2021

Keeping Your Overhead Low

When you decided to start your own solo law firm, you may have had a pretty peachy vision. Quality time and laughs by the pool with the kids, a bank account that just will not stop growing, and all the freedom in the world to live your life on your terms while still having a […]

July 8, 2021

Outsourcing Tasks For Your Firm

We do not need to spend much, if any, time exploring why you might be concerned about finding enough clients for your firm when you’re just starting out. So, let’s dive right into how to strategically find prospective clients and book engagements. First, we’ll begin with a trip down memory lane. Remember “IRAC” (Issue, Rule, […]

June 11, 2021

Finding Clients for Your Firm

Law Firm Clients

If you feel like work/life balance and the practice of law are like water and oil—you’re not alone. 

The traditional law firm and most attorney work environments do not reflect the changing work habits and values of our society. 

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way.


You can create a law practice that fits your lifestyle.

You can run a successful law practice from home, working part-time, but earning a full-time salary. 

You can call the shots on when you work and finally have a fulfilling law career that doesn’t come at the expense of what’s most important to you.

And you can lawyer on your own terms. 

You are more than just a lawyer