Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator


Create a flexible law firm that fits your lifestyle.
A group coaching program to plan, build, launch, and grow a flexible, virtual law practice.

Are you ready to shake off those golden handcuffs and design a law practice that allows you to-

The first step is realizing that you hold the key.

Put your family first

Set your own schedule

Have the flexibility to travel

Take control of how you spend each day, week, and month of your life?

“I wanted to be a lawyer and the primary caretaker of my baby. I also wanted to travel. I was tired of having my life consumed by a career that often felt like it was taking more from me than it was providing for me. I knew there had to be a better way. So, I embarked on a journey of creating a different kind of law firm. Within 6 months, I had more than replaced my full-time salary, while working half the hours. Now, I’m helping to free fellow lawyers from their golden handcuffs and teach them how to create a work life they love—one that supports and fits around their lifestyle, not one that dominates it.”

-Kailey Jacomet, Creator of Lawstyle

What’s The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator?

The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator is a group coaching program that teaches lawyers like you how to create a law firm that supports and fits around your lifestyle.

In a small group program with many opportunities for one-on-one coaching, you will gain the strategy and tools to:

Choose flexible practice areas

Build the backend of your firm with systems, software, and procedures that give you your time back

Market your legal services

And do all of this in a way that allows you to put your family and lifestyle first. 

A supportive small group, filled with strategy, insight, and tools to build your lifestyle law firm.

Each week, we meet for two live session: a teaching session for each module with guest speakers, Q&A, and action items, and a "hot seat" coaching session.  Students have direct access to Kailey and other course participants in a private Facebook group. Tons of templates, including a client engagement agreement, are provided to help you hit the ground running with your flexible, virtual practice. 

You'll immediately begin building a practice that fits around your other priorities in life, but you won't be doing it alone. You'll have the knowledge, insights, and feedback of those who have gone before you, and all the support you need to make your dream a reality.

In this program I'll guide you through:

In this module, we will lay a strong foundation for the structure of your law firm and how it will fit around your priorities, obligations, and desired lifestyle. You will take the dreams in your heart and put them on paper in a personalized plan for your future law firm. 



Creating Your Personalized Roadmap

Bridging an Income Gap

It’s not uncommon to worry about a gap in income between the time you leave your 9-5 and when you grow your practice to replace that income. In this module, you will learn how to supplement and bridge a gap in your income with freelance legal writing. By the end of these lessons, you will have the tools to start making money at home right away—in the evening, on weekends, and even in your pajamas!



Choosing Your Practice Areas

Not all practice areas are equal—especially when flexibility is your goal. In this module, you will learn how to choose a practice area that will fit around your lifestyle goals. You will also learn how to develop and refresh your knowledge and skills in these practice areas and understand relevant multijurisdictional ethical issues.



Branding for Your Law Firm

Too many lawyers lead with their credentials and expertise when marketing their legal services. While your qualifications and accomplishments are important, your branding and messaging should be about your client. In this module, you will learn how to create a brand design and messaging that speak directly to and resonate with your prospective clients. 



Developing the Backend of Your Firm

A cornerstone of a flexible law practice that allows you to work part-time while earning a full-time salary is having the right systems and operations in place to raise efficiency and lower your expenses. In this module, we will dive into the systems, software, and procedures you need to run an at-home, virtual practice that fits around your lifestyle. 



 Legal and Financial

In module 6, you will roll up your sleeves to put together necessary pieces to protect yourself legally and financially. You will learn the best entity choices for your firm, how to obtain malpractice insurance, creating a monthly budget for your firm (and how much you can expect to spend—hint: it’s much less than you think!), implement bookkeeping and accounting systems in your business, and create your client engagement letter. 



Developing Your Reputation as an Expert

In Module 4, you developed the branding and messaging of your firm so that the focus was on your client, and your role in helping to solve their problem. Now, you need to establish your authority as an expert in your practice field, not just to gain exposure and visibility, but to become the go-to person in your niche or in your area. In this module, you will learn how to position yourself as an expert in your practice niche through public relations and strategic content production.



Finding Clients

To run a law practice that allows you to work part-time and make a full-time salary requires you to master the art of marketing in an efficient and automated way. In this module, you will learn how to strategically network to grow your practice, so other people are talking about your services for you. You will also learn how to use social media strategically to market your legal service and implement essential search engine optimization measures to promote your services within your geographic area. 



Email Marketing for Your Firm

What’s email marketing and why does your firm need it? Moreover, how do effectively use email marketing while not soliciting? In this module, you will learn how to use email marketing to grow an audience of individuals who value your knowledge and expertise in your practice area. These are people who may become clients right away or down the line, and will think of you right away when one of their friends, colleagues, or family members need the services you offer. 



Building and Managing a Remote Team

Gone are the days when every law firm requires a legal secretary or receptionist sitting in the lobby of your brick and mortar office with a name plate on his or her desk. How do you work part-time while earning a full-time salary? You focus only on the tasks that only you can do, leverage the automation of software, and fill in the gaps with team members who work remotely, providing specific services that allow your business to keeping running and growing while you’re spending time with your family and enjoying life outside of work.



Advertising Your Firm Online

No need to purchase a billboard ad or take out an ad in your local newspaper that will be seen by hundreds or thousands of people who will never be your clients. By leveraging the algorithms of social media platforms and investing in advertising online, you can target people who are already looking for your services. In this module, you will learn what you need to do before you start advertising online and how to create an ad strategy that works for your firm.



Lifestyle in Practice

The success and function of an at-home, virtual law practice is not just a dream, it is a reality. In this module, you will take all the lessons we’ve covered on planning, building, and growing your flexible practice and learn how to implement them in your daily life, so that your work life never again dominates over the people and things that are most important to you. 



Here's what's included:

Weekly Live Teaching Session on Zoom with Guest Experts, Q&A, and Action Items (Weekday Evening)

Weekly Coaching Session on Zoom for Direction, Clarity, Support, and Accountability (Weekday Evening)

(3) 1-Hr. One-On-One Strategy Sessions with Kailey (Evening and Weekend Options)

Unlimited Voxer Access to Kailey for Advice and Support

All Sessions are Recorded with Lifetime, On-Demand Access

Students-Only Private Facebook Community with Direct Access to Kailey 

Tons of Templates and Resources (Client Engagement Agreement, Consultation Blueprint, Social Media Marketing Templates, and More)

Kind Words

" After years as in-house counsel, climbing the corporate ladder, and fighting nasty corporate politics in a big corporation, I had my first child. Instantly, I realized that if I wanted to be more present with her and be the parent I really want to be, I needed to have greater flexibility and peace. While I still wanted to pursue my passion of practicing law, I knew I had to approach my career differently - in a manner that allows for greater freedom and less stress. That’s when I found The Lawstyle Method. The roadmap provided in the course not only gave me the confidence that this was possible, but also all the necessary tools to make my vision a reality. What is more, Kailey is an amazing teacher, role model, and mentor. Her support throughout the process has been invaluable. No guesswork, no fluff, just a practical system that works. Now, thanks to Kailey and The Lawstyle Method, I don't need to choose between my family and my professional aspirations. I found a way to have both and I can honestly say that I'm never looking back! Thank you! "

- Dominika Fasolo

" Kailey proved to me that being a successful attorney does not have to involve 50-hour work-weeks with long commutes. LawStyle taught me that I did not have to choose between a career and my family. I now work fewer hours from home, make almost twice as much money, and spend more time with my family. I'm beyond grateful that I found Kailey and LawStyle, which made my lifestyle and career/family balance possible" 

- Annette Choti


How are the lessons formatted?
In creating The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator program, we have tailored the material to many different learning styles. We teach each module in a weekly live Zoom session with Q&A. Then, later that week, we conduct a live coaching session on Zoom to work through any of your needs, questions, hangups, or mindset challenges. Finally, you'll get a workbook containing valuable templates for each module, a client engagement agreement template, and more!

Are there opportunities for one-on-one coaching?
In The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator program, you will have many opportunities for direct access to and coaching from Kailey in our small group structure. On weekly Zoom coaching calls, we conduct "hot seat" coaching, where you can jump in the hot seat for direct coaching. Also, in our students-only private Facebook group, you'll have direct access to Kailey.

I’m looking to rejoin the workforce. Will this work for me?
The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator is a perfect solution for a lawyer who is looking to rejoin the workforce after a career hiatus in a way that does not come at the cost of their family and lifestyle.

Can new law school graduates benefit from this program?
Yes! The knowledge and skills necessary to run a long firm—let alone a flexible, virtual law firm—are not taught in law school, nor are they typically attained while working as an associate for another firm. With that said, we believe that experience as an associate in another law firm, in house, or as a government attorney is invaluable early on in your career. If you are planning to hang your own shingle to create freedom and flexibility in your life, The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator is the perfect program to help you make that pivot.

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