Lawyering on Your Own Terms


Create a flexible law firm that fits your lifestyle

A group coaching program to plan, build, launch, and grow a flexible, virtual law practice.

But not at the expense of so many other areas of your life. 

You’re rushing to get to work everyday and overwhelmed by personal obligations by the time you get home. 

More than 3 months of maternity leave or Storytime at the library on a Tuesday morning feel like pipe dreams.

You wish you had traveled more in college because your destination bucket list is slowly being deferred to retirement.

You don’t want to live your whole life according to the availability of your annual leave.

You love the law

You wish things were different.

But you fear that your law school loans will prevent you from choosing an alternative path for you and your family.

You’ve searched the internet for “flexible law jobs” and “work from home attorney” positions, but you’ve never found a realistic option or anything that panned out. 

You see people in other industries creating a flexible business for themselves—one that allows them to be more present with their children, set their own schedule, and design their work around their life. 

But you don’t see how the practice of law can translate into that type of business model.

You don’t know if it’s a financially viable option for your family.

And, even if you wanted to try, you have no idea how to begin.

If you had a chance to put your life before your work-

To be present for more fleeting and precious moments with your children.

To take better care of your own health and wellness.

To travel and experience the world before retirement.

To not spend the vast majority of your life at the office or in court.

And do so without sacrificing your finances or the skills and education you’ve worked so hard to acquire-

But one thing is for sure:

You would say “YES” to freedom.


The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator


A group coaching program to plan, build, launch, and grow a flexible, virtual law practice.

If you feel like work/life balance and the practice of law are like water and oil—you’re not alone. 

The traditional law firm and most attorney work environments do not reflect the changing work habits and values of our society. 

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way.


You can create a law practice that fits your lifestyle.

You can run a successful law practice from home, working part-time, but earning a full-time salary. 

You can call the shots on when you work and finally have a fulfilling law career that doesn’t come at the expense of what’s most important to you.

And you can lawyer on your own terms. 

You are more than just a lawyer

Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator


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5 Essentials to Building a Virtual Law Firm that Fits Your Lifestyle


Time for your family

Freedom to set your own schedule

Flexibility to travel

To provide for your family financially

If you are a lawyer who wants:

There is a solution:


The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator

Create a flexible law firm that fits your lifestyle.
A group coaching program to plan, build, launch, and grow an at-home, flexible law practice.

Fellow-attorney and creator of Lawstyle

Hi! I’m Kailey Jacomet

I’m confident that you can create a law practice that fits around the other priorities, obligations, and desires in your life because I did it myself. 

I always wanted to be a lawyer, but after several years of practicing, I realized that staying in my position would prohibit me from experiencing motherhood the way I wanted to. 

When my daughter was born, I left my job and embarked on a journey to create a new type of practice model—one that put my life and family first. 

I created The Lifestyle Law Firm Accelerator as a roadmap to teach lawyers like you how to choose a flexible practice area, utilize software for your backend operations, implement systems of automation, market your legal services online, and develop a remote team, so your work can support your lifestyle, not dominate it.

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